Friday, November 16, 2012

The teenage mind, and my soapbox

I'm a high school teacher.  I have taught elementary and middle also.  I pretty much liked it all, but middle school was awesome, and high school is definitely pretty sweet.  I'm a reading specialist, though, so you can imagine what kids think about being in my classes in high school.  Understandable...

And, let's be honest, I'm not as young as I used to be (shoot! how did THAT happen!?!?!).  I have been catching myself recently thinking about how students should "know better" and be "thinking about their futures" and blah blah blah.  Well, slap me silly!  Have I MET MYSELF????

I remember when I was in middle and high school.  I did care about my grades, and graduation, but whatever was going on socially was paramount.  School was difficult for me for a while, compounded by the true confession that whatever was going on with friends (in the small social life that I actually had), always seemed like the most important, or the most insurmountable issue ever.  Academics just dropped to number two (well, not to poop, just to second on the totem pole:).  You know I can't resist a little toilet humor... but I digress... I think (I know, we all know) that is just the way the mind of an adolescent works.  Their psychological development is such that they are the center of their universe.  That's not a dig, just the real deal.  And for a while there, in my teaching career, I realized this, remembered it, and relied on it to keep me grounded.  It also helped me remember not to take things (such as students not remembering to do my homework) personally. 

So every time I climb on my little soap box, I think I need someone to backhand me right back off of it!  Of course, if you're thinking "I'll do it! I'll backhand you!  Pick me, pick me!" ya better get in line...  But seriously, is it annoying that sometimes kids expect that walking through the door of my classroom is enough? That by being physically present but not feeling like doing anything to better themselves will suffice?  Yeah, it is supremely obnoxious.  But it is also the nature of the beast.  So I guess I better pony up or peace out.  And we all know I'm not peacin'.... so giddy up!  Ride like the wind... I am SO glad it is Friday :) 

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