Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back to it!

I got a job placement (just to follow up on the last post)... It was the one I wanted.  Not only was my need met, but my want was met as well.  Phew!

I was waiting on a reimbursement check to start my next class, but I figured I would outline it anyway, because that is the first step to starting any course at this University.  I have to outline it, choose when to have discussions, and make sure it can all be done in 16 weeks.  In the first course, this was pretty much done for me. 

As I was typing out all of the readings, I realized that my first course was NOT hazing.  It was easy.  The reading was minimal compared to this.  Maybe I just don't understand how to lay it all out, but whoa.  The amount of reading is insane!  Not complaining, just a teensy bit shocked!  After spending over 2 hours outlining the first section of the course (a month's worth of reading), I thought perhaps I was making more work of it than was meant to me.  I stopped there and e-mailed my mentor (the Dean, conveniently) to be sure I was doing it right.  I'll wait to hear back before I keep at that outline. 

This feels like the real jumping off point for me.  If I can get through this class, I will be confident in my ability to endure the journey.  With the new job, I don't know what to expect in any realm.  My hope is that since I will have fewer students, I should have less grading and be able to devote the time I used to devote to grading to this.  However, the learning curve will be steep in the fall.  Perhaps I can push and get most of this class done in the summer... I don't know... But there will be more posts as it all unfolds.

I find this themed blog to be slightly boring.  Sorry... but this is life as a doctoral student.

In other news, my summer vacation is starting off nicely.  I'm LOVING being home with my kids, and swimming in the pool every day.  This summer, my little cherubs seem to genuinely like each other, which is a massive first in our book!  My son will be 4 in 2 weeks, and my daughter is 2 1/2.  They got off to a rocky start (I knew I was up the proverbial creek when my son asked me to put his sister, then a newborn, outside... in the blizzard of 2009... and 2010.  APPARENTLY she cried too much for his liking... he does not remember his own crying...).  When my daughter's first reaction to a possible conflict with her brother is to take whatever she has in her hands and clock him over the head (or between the eyes if she's feeling feisty), my hopes for their friendship diminish.  But these past 2 weeks of summer have proven to me that they do indeed love one another, and are starting to figure out how to play together.  I am so excited.  They are also HUGE fans of me right now, which never hurts!!

At 12:28 a.m., I know I will be getting up with them (and the sun) before I know it. Goodnight!

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